Trade Page

Looking around so many trades people are happy using their BT email address and believe they have no need for a web page or to engage in all that web nonsense.

Totally get that their skills lie in doing the do, be that electrics, plumbing, joinery, decorating, being a bricky and a bunch of other trades but in 2016 most people access the web from their mobiles in real time when they have an immediate problem… and they’ll be looking for a rapid solution…

If you are not visible then you have no chance of getting the call!

Historic networks are real and lots of work will come from & through contacts who need help from time to time but if someone is new to the area, having just bought a house in the Sid Valley and they are looking to get some work done what are they likely to do first?

EX10 is a new website with limited traction at this time but that will not be the case for long. I had a community website in Berkshire that had 5 million page views in 2008… so I know how to build traffic.

If you do what your good at and I do what I’m good at… this time next year 😉

Having a page on EX10 is the first step on the journey… if it works then you might like some other ideas we have but let’s not confuse the issue, let’s fix the immediate problem…

Trade Page on EX10

  • We need a large image for the header that represents you… this might be a photo of your work or could be your beloved van. If you have one great, if not we can snap one.
  • 250 – 350 words describing what you do which you may already have or I will scribble.
  • Subsequent pages/blogs could expand on what you do or illustrate a case study/testimonial
  • A couple more product/service related photos would fill out the pages nicely.
  • Contact details including links to social media profiles & any existing websites.

£75 starting from scratch where you tell us a story!
Or £250 for 5 pages booked in advance

£50 to extract information from existing website and add to EX10

Thank you.

07717 820823