Tourist Info

EX10 will increasing be picked up by tourists heading into town looking to be entertained!

If you are a local business that is looking to attract the tourists then you should seriously think about getting a page or two on EX10 that they can find when they bump into the site.

If you are visiting the area “East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” and are looking for something to do then apply logical searches at the top of the page and see what pops up…

And if you follow through and visit the venue then please add a comment to the page so other tourists can be increasingly better informed … thank you.

I have been supporting local businesses in Berkshire for 20 years and with a recent move to Devon I’d like to do the same in this area of outstanding natural beauty…

EX10 and surrounding area… the elasticity of that is dependent on how attractive your offering would be to tourists 😉

I have bills to pay and receive no external funding so need to charge a reasonable fee for my efforts:

  1. If you send me the words and pictures to add to EX10 then I charge £25 to push out
  2. If I review your current website, we speak and I craft a story then the cost is £75
  3. There is obviously a deal if you commission our 4 + 1 FOC for £300

Once we agree terms I will raise the invoice and you can pay via PayPal, BACS, cheque or cash.

What you got?

Thank you.

07717 820823