Things to do…

Thousands of people spend millions of pounds in the town every year and for many retailers the business will just happen with little need for services like EX10.

But as the saying goes, every little helps…

2017 many people will be looking for entertainment solutions on their mobile phones as they drive through the town or will be looking for fun places to go from their holiday home nearby…

Promoting your business on EX10

  • We need a large image for the header that represents your business… if you have one great, if not we can snap one.
  • 250 – 350 words describing why folk should come to you.
  • Perhaps a couple more pics.
  • Contact details including links to social media profiles & any existing websites.

£150 starting from scratch where you tell us a story!
Or £500 for 5 pages booked in advance

£75 to extract information from existing website and add to EX10

Thank you.

07717 820823