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I find your perfect business prospects…

I then warm them up for a proper business conversation and in doing so, help you optimise your marketing budget.

Jon Davey, Sales Enabler, Bespoke Marketing Automation, Sales Navigator, Lead Generator, Social Media Story Teller, Blogger, Dad

Business owners who are at the coal face struggle to generate new leads because they just don’t have the time. Does that sound like you? Maybe I can help…

After 30 years in sales & marketing the environment has changed beyond recognition. There were no mobile phones when I got started and you had to go knock on physical doors to say hello.

Today you have all manner of channels open to you but the chances are, you’d never get to the person you want to talk to via a physical door these days, you’ll struggle to get past the reception desk on foot or by phone in 2017 so you have to work smarter.

Marketers will preach about inbound, let them see your tweets Mrs… is that really going to cut it? Probably not but hey, you can be a “busy fool” all day long if you want. I’d suggest working smarter.

Having a up to date presence on social media makes complete sense, fresh content will add power to your elbow when someone goes to check you out… but you still need to reach out to say hello, I’m here…

Here is my formula:

Story Telling + Common Sense + LinkedIn Navigator = New Business Leads


Firstly you need to come up with stories to fit the task… are you saying hello for the first time? Are you connected and looking to share more? Are you just nudging them?

To my mind this is blending sales & marketing… sales is the physical reaching out, marketing is the message… and I refer to myself as a “Sales Enabler” which means I’m not necessarily closing the deal for you but opening the door for you to share your wisdom.

I have come up with 3 logical service options for your consideration.

Story Telling “Meal Deal” – £250

I produce a series of 3 emails to be sent out to prospects. Obviously I’ll need to gain an understanding of what your business is, how you approach it, what is your style and who are the perfect customers in order to serve up the meal deal! This takes time…

Starter – short <300 character message that says why they should connect to you on LinkedIn.

Main Course – a more rounded, clear message sharing what you can do for them with an invitation to follow up in real time by phone.

Pudding – a few days later, following up to see if they’ve had chance to digest the main course and making sure they know who you are and how to make contact when they are ready.

Sales Enabler – £250 per day

We approach people within the organisations that we have determined will make for ideal customers within the geographical area that makes sense.

No guarantees as to response rate but realistically a 180+ people a day can be approached (depending on the data gathering requirements) and I’ll be looking for a 10 – 30% acceptance rate with 20% of those moving to a conversation.

Way better approach than traditional telesales alone… just think about the energy flow with this, far more positive.

Those that don’t respond to the gentle approached can be called by your team as I’ll provide a list of contacts… or I can call them if you’d rather.

After an initial trail happy to set agreed targets for longer term contract.

Sales Team Coaching – £750 per day

I come in and share my experiences and work with your team to get them thinking about stories they can share which would get them closer to their prospects.

This could be an initial half day to tell a few stories and expand out over a few days to ensure each member gets up to speed with this way of business lead generation.

So what would you like me to serve up?

Thank you.

07717 820823