Regional Economic Multiplier Effect

Helping local businesses get off the ground is my passion as this creates economic benefit for not just them but 6 or 7 other businesses… this is known as the Regional Economic Multiplier Effect.

The Regional Economic Multiplier Effect estimates that £1 spent locally with another local business will be spent with a further 5 or 6 businesses, each benefiting from the £1… therefore being worth £6 or £7 to the local economy. Spending that £1 with a large organisation with routes elsewhere means that it goes straight out of local circulation and into a different economic eco-system, having a minimal impact locally.

Ever the optimist, it would be great to be part of an eco system where this sort of mentality was predominant… our very own Jacob’s Ladder stairway to business heaven 😉


I’ve been living in Devon for a couple of years, before that I’d spent 20 years in Berkshire, helping hundreds of businesses owners find more business opportunities… and I’d now like EX10 to become a magnet for business owners who are happy to give that extra 10% of their energy to help someone else achieve their goals.

The aim is to build rapport by demonstrating your skills & knowledge for the benefit of another… if the other party finds this of value then they could well commission you to do some more meaty work. Chances are you don’t need more work and are simply happy to offer an extra 10% to help others get started.

This really does not mean that this is a website where folk can just bleed others dry… those taking the proverbial will be deleted from our world.

So let’s crack on… join by registering above, top menu…

I am happy to feature stories about companies and people living The Regional Economic Multiplier Effect as part of our blog…

Thank you.