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Helping local businesses get off the ground is my passion as this creates economic benefit for not just them but 6 or 7 other businesses… this is known as the Regional Economic Multiplier Effect.

The Regional Economic Multiplier Effect estimates that £1 spent locally with another local business will be spent with a further 5 or 6 businesses, each benefiting from the £1… therefore being worth £6 or £7 to the local economy. Spending that £1 with a large organisation with routes elsewhere means that it goes straight out of local circulation and into a different economic eco-system, having a minimal impact locally.

Have you put together a sales & marketing plan in the last couple of years? When did you last dust it off? Do you find you put a plan together with all good intent to take action and then something else grabs your attention? Perhaps I can help…

Let’s talk through what you are looking to achieve…


We’ll come up with some easy steps that take your business forward and if agreeable, I will manage the process for a fee.

  • Putting a simple 1 page sales & marketing plan together
  • Agree action steps

This might be:

  • Write blog posts
  • Develop social media channels
  • Showing you how to use LinkedIn
  • Make prospective phone calls
  • Create monthly newsletter
  • Organise events
  • Man the stand at expos
  • All of the above and more

If this sounds like a good idea call me… 07717 820823

Or complete the form and I’ll call you…

Thank you.

Jon Davey
07717 820823

You can read about some of the bigger stuff I have done along the way in summary here or on my LinkedIn profile.