EX10 Mobile Websites look great on mobiles or PCs

Every business in 2016 should have some form of website but it doesn’t need to be overly complicated and should be easily accessible to people using mobile phones.

More people now search the web from their mobile phone than do via their PC and Google is now taken this into consideration when presenting the best websites that match the search criteria. If your website is more than a few years old then the chances are it is not mobile friendly.

For most businesses a straight forward WordPress website will do the job to get things started. You can choose from a range of templates that are mobile friendly and so they display well both on mobile, PC or Mac.


EX10 Mobile Websites start at just £250 and come with a few pages to get you started plus domain reg / hosting costs (typically less than £50). See CutThroatShaving.com 

Our thing is content creation and helping you make the most of the opportunities that the Internet offers. So once the foundations are laid we charge £75 per story or £250 if a block of 5 stories are booked in advance. We’ll then contact you at an agreed frequency to create the next story.

These stories will be published on your blog and also on this our community blog, should you wish, for no extra charge.

Once the content is created you’ll then want people to see it… we’ll push out via our own channels but you may like us to approach some potential clients on your behalf and introduce your services. This is a bespoke service by definition but we’ll charge in a £250 bundle way to keep the rhythm 😉

Thank you.

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