Celebrating the Regional Economic Multiplier Effect…

Photo by Peter Wendt on Unsplash

The Regional Economic Multiplier Effect explains how £1 spent locally can boost the coffers of half a dozen businesses…

I’m redefining EX10 based on my learning over the last 18 months living and working in East Devon and so now EX10 will become a celebration of the Regional Economic Multiplier Effect.

As we head for Brexit we need to be supporting our local businesses… we should have been doing this anyway but folk do tend to find it easier to jump on Amazon and get a white van to deliver their latest purchase… none of the good old fashioned retail therapy.

Jerri Hart was live in Sidmouth this Easter Sunday… this video was shot by someone else in Bath… just sit down and take five 😉

What can we do to boost the Regional Economic Multiplier Effect and educate ourselves and others in thinking more locally?

Buying our fruit and veg locally so we can put the goods in a single bag with no need for plastic or paper bags to separate the food stuff, protecting our environment in more ways than one…

Purchasing a re-usable milk bottle so we can return to the local store to have it topped up with the finest quality local organic milk to ensure your day gets off on the right foot… or some gin for the Mrs so your evening does too!


Review your local barbers shaving products online before visiting his barber shop in real time and making your purchase while enjoying some banter and a smile or two…


What you got to add to these suggestions? Comment below…


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