view from peak hill on rainy day

Keeping dry at night for the rest of Sidmouth Folk Week

Sidmouth is the most amazing place when the sun is shining but it can feel a little drab when the clouds open up… especially at night!

juggling in the street sidmouth folk week

Don’t get me wrong… I’d rather be in a rainy climate than watching palm trees burst into flames in the searing heat of the Middle East (just watched one on Facebook!)

clock tower steps

But not sure I’d want to be camping on a hillside… I’d much rather be tucked up in the warm of an evening and enjoy the day’s entertainment along The Esplanade, come rain or shine!

the fiddler and fans

If that sounds like a plan then we have a couple of rooms that can sleep 4 or 5 people… there is no kitchen but there is a kettle… and Lidl & Waitrose are just a short walk away.

mikey mouse in sidmouth

Book online or call 07717 820823 of you don’t have an AirBnB account.

ame and sid

Thank you.


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