YOUR help is needed in gathering the opinions of young adults

The Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan is a very important document that will determine how Sidmouth Town Council and East Devon District Council approach planning decisions in the Sid Valley over the next 20 years or so.

ALL residents have a chance to offer their thoughts and opinions.

There is just one week left to have your say and while plenty of the older folk in the community have probably already made their feelings known, it would give greater balance to the findings if more households where the main bread winner are 20 – 40 years old would respond.

Since the survey is only open for one more week… young adults are digital savvy… and the survey is available for completion online then your help is needed in getting your neighbours / friends to…

Complete the online survey ASAP >>>

The Neighbourhood Plan folks have had over 1000 surveys completed so far and so it would be good to get many more completed by young adults to give the results more balance.

If you could spread the word to 2 or 3 young families you know I’m sure they’d be grateful.

Thank you.


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