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Great to meet you at the Devon Expo Plymouth on Wednesday

Following up on the Devon Business Expo in Plymouth on Wednesday and came up with this email… BUT not everyone is on email!

Just came across a couple of cards that simply had a Facebook page and a Twitter handle, no email address… solution, add the email to my blog and then share via their favourite channel 😉

Good morning

Tendering is…

• A skill developed over time
• Time consuming
• Not straightforward
• Essential when chasing larger contracts

Winning Tenders can help you in three ways…

• We can teach you how to complete the tenders for yourself
• We can become your tender department
• Or we can be an ad hoc ‘overflow’ resource to support your bid team

From our website you will find helpful information including videos which will help you understand how you can best approach the tendering process: please visit http://www.winningtenders.co.uk

We could send you plenty of documentation to get you started but if admin isn’t your favourite thing then you are unlikely to read them, so it is probably best to have a short conversation with one of our team. We can then work out which of our consultants is best placed to help you with tenders in your industry.

Ian Smith, our CEO, has years of experience of the tendering process, including grant applications, in a wide range of industries and he understands what it takes to be consistently successful.

Winning Tenders win rate is c.75% because we are selective about the opportunities we bid for and we have a process in place that is designed to minimise wasted time

First we need to understand your business, its place in the market and what resources you have at your disposal should you be awarded a contract. So while any initial conversations are naturally FOC, to establish an understanding of your business takes time, for which we charge a set-up fee of £495: this includes a full Tender Readiness Check.

After this, we’ll review any tender opportunities FOC as part of our shared risk model. If we belief you have a good chance of winning a tender then we’ll agree a fee for completing the tender document and submitting it on your behalf.

We’ll also agree a WIN fee, only payable if we are successful in landing the tender for you.

In this way, it is in our interests to ensure you are only applying for the tenders that you can fulfil. Not only will this save you thousands of pounds in completion fees that other companies might only be too pleased to take from you but it will also look good for both of us when completing subsequent tenders.

If this sounds fair in principle then if you could just reply to this email saying what your current thoughts are on using our service and when that might become a priority, we can then schedule a timely call to touch base and move things forward.

If you don’t respond then I’ll assume you are busy enough and don’t need our help at this time and I will put a note in my diary to give you a nudge in 6 months or so to see how you are fixed then.

Thank you.

Jon Davey
07717 820823

ian smith winning tenders devon expo deck chair

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