Like Minds Business Breakfasts 310517 oli barrett audience

Like Minds Business Breakfasts featuring Oli Barrett

Oli was one of the team behind Startup Britain and pinched the idea for Tenner, which has been used extensively by Young Enterprise, from a vicar… the Lord works in mysterious ways 😉

Like Minds is the inspiration of Drew Ellis, a guy who had a really cool early career, designing album covers for A&M and Island Records back in the early 80’s, it all went pear from there!

Like Minds Business Breakfasts 310517 Drew Ellis

Drew finds people who are inspirational and brings them together for a moment in time and magical things happen…

How you fixed for September 29th?

Like Minds Business Breakfasts 310517 dan pritchard

Dan Pritchard and the team from Astley Media are keeping the warm up events on track, today was part of a series of monthly breakfasts where we get to meet one of the keynotes lined up for the 29th…

like minds food pictureOli shared his modus operandi which is essentially to find some really smart people to do all the admin and then front things up and go off and find people to talk to… better still, he loves getting asked to be the “host with the most” at events and conferences which then allows serendipity to pour in from all four corners of the universe, not forgetting those bonus levels of consciousness…

That’s how Lord Young introduced him to the chap who asked him to get StartUp Britain started… told you the Lords work in mysterious ways 😉

Like Minds Business Breakfasts 310517 Oli Barrett

How’d that happen? Best get along on the 29th September and ask him yourself… or hook up via LinkedIn, he’s open to opportunities which is the secret of his success… and he’s a good egg…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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