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The #GE2017 is hanging on a cliff edge…

It’s time to read and digest the information available on each of the East Devon General Election Candidates…

It never ceases to amaze me how really poor most candidates are at giving good representation of themselves! In 2017 they should all, at the very least, have a one page website which says who they are. If they can’t do it for themselves then they should be able to find a friend who would do it for a small fee (so not to breach election rules)… every Dandy has his day…

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I’ve made an effort to gather their social media profile / web links and put this information below… if candidates or their pals want to forward any links I am missing, I’m happy to add them.

Politics can get dirty as I saw when I stood as an Independent candidate in a local council election in Windsor & Maidenhead at the last elections. Walking around the town yesterday and this noticed had been posted…

notice about boards being removed

Hardly cricket but now it’s time to make your choice… personally I don’t want to live in a Police state so will be voting for Claire Wright as she is the only candidate with any hope of changing things and we need that urgently.

IND Claire Wright

In 2015 Claire got 13,140 votes, 24.0% of the total… an increase of 24% on the previous election… all she needs to do is double that and she’s a dead cert 😉

CON Hugo Swire

Hugo bagged 25,401 votes, 46.4%, a slight dip on the previous election -1.9% change.

LIB Alison Eden

Stuart Mole, Liberal Democrat, dug a hole for himself achieving only 3,715 votes, 6.8% a huge drop of -24.4… must have been caused by all that Tory back scratching that saw them well embarrass themselves in coalition. They might nudge a few points back this time.

LAB Janet Ross

Stephen Race ran for Labour achieving 5,591 a 10.2% share, slightly down -0.6% and hopefully with Labour having no real chance locally, their voters will shift to help Claire?

UKIP Brigitte Graham

UKIP in the form of Andrew Chapman landed 6,870 representing 12.6%, up 4.4% on the previous but I can’t help thinking what’s the point of UKIP in 2017?

IND Michael Val Davies & IND Peter Faithfull

Note sure they’ll get more than a few votes from close friends…

Thank you.


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