hot cross buns sidmouth packing bags

Thousands turned out on Good Friday for Sidmouth’s HOTTEST Tradition

Started by a chap called John Parfitt Millen and his mates over 100 years ago, the children of Sidmouth have been enjoying hot cross buns most every Good Friday since…

hot cross buns sidmouth ethan and harry

This year’s front runners Ethan & Harry had got up early to secure front place in the queue as they did last year and will probably have to do now into their dotage 😉


Anne Funnell had brought her granddaughter Sophie along to enjoy the occasion as she had with her grandmother 50 years before… her grandmother lived to 106 in Sidmouth and is buried in the town.

hot cross buns sidmouth anne funnell grand mother

I suggested she visits Sidmouth Remembers on Facebook and ask if anyone remembers her gran…

hot cross buns sidmouth the queue begins

I got there around 8:15am but it wasn’t long before the queue had filled the car park…

hot cross buns sidmouth queue its not long oh yes it is

And was reaching up Station Road towards the theatre…

hot cross buns sidmouth station road

Families couldn’t wait to get their bag of goodies… 2 hot cross buns, an orange and a chocolate egg…

hot cross buns sidmouth goodie bags

Sidmouth Town Band were out in force…

and the Mayor popped along to open preceding and try a few eggs!

Sid Valley Rotarians had joined the party after Mike Laver mentioned it at Monday’s meeting… it made good sense to use it to publicise our Children’s Dragon Hunt on St George’s Day when folk law has it that the trolls will come out from under the bridges along the Byes and be beaten back by Sidmouth knights… or it does now 😉

hot cross buns sidmouth rotarians

Chloe Beard’s friends had also promised to buy a raffle ticket or two to help support her South West Guides Regional event, a five day International Community Experience to Ireland… figured a few strangers might help her on her way if she took up the right position with mum & dad in tow…

hot cross buns sidmouth chloe beard raffle for guides ireland trip

And as I strolled into town to put up some A4 flyers in local cafes, this young man was looking to increase his current total of £47,000 got Help for Heroes…

hot cross buns sidmouth help for heros 47000

Great community spirit and energy around the town…

I’m look forward to slaying a few dragons next weekend!

Do join us and don’t forget to borrow a kid or two for the day 😉


Registration on The Ham from 1:30pm, starts a 2:00pm and we’ll be heading up The Byes and finishing at Sidford Village Hall

Thank you.


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