the pig honiton lunch is served

What a PIG turning 52!

What do you do to celebrate 52… bit of a non age, yep you’re getting older! On Wednesday 29th March we visited THE PIG at Combe… what a fantastic place, perfect for lifting your spirits on a special day in your life 😉

the pig honiton birthday lunch

What an amazing venue to for a celebration…

the pig honiton

Ali had driven passed it on a “night drive” with Charlie when we first landed in Devon and we’d been looking for an excuse to pay a visit.

Walled garden, potting sheds, swings, heli-pads, what more do you need?

the pig honiton travel

Maybe a brolly 😉

the pig honiton pig ladies

More likely a nice glass of fine wine, a menu and a comfy chair…

the pig honiton wine menu

Not sure you’ll find many Slimming World options on there dad, it’ll have to be a sin day! Mind you, everything on the menu comes from within 25 miles of THE PIG, that’s got to reduce the sins in more ways that one!

the pig honiton whats for lunch

What a venue… full when we landed… empty as we left…

the pig honiton fine dining

Have you ever enjoyed smoked salt?

the pig honiton starter bread oil smoked salt

A nice steak done to your liking…

the pig honiton steak

They even let you use ketchup 😉

the pig honiton posh ketchup

You really don’t need a pudding when there’s local cheeses to enjoy…

the pig honiton cheese board

You never know, a flutter on the National and we’ll be back soon…

the pig honiton butterflies

I wonder what’s on Ali’s birthday list… might be a while, need a 100 year old tree first Mrs 😉

the pig honiton spiritually swinging

And if you do want to stay a while…

the pig honiton delux room

You can even bring the little people…

the pig honiton bunk beds

And enjoy a brew…

the pig honiton anyone for tea

Thank you for finding this gem… as I found you 😉

the pig honiton ali laughing

Thank you for making the day special mum…

the pig honiton mum

Thank you for picking up the tab dad…

the pig honiton dad

Thank you to THE PIG for providing the setting for a perfect day…

the pig honiton signed book

If you’re looking for a room with a view…

the pig honiton the view

A grand environment for that special day…

the pig honiton tree

You’d best make your enquiries today >>>

Thank you.


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