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A Hairy Addition to Sidmouth Folk Week #SidFestBEARD

Sidmouth Folk Festival 4th to 11th August 2017 will see Sidmouth’s population quadruple and I dare say the bearded population “sea” a very hairy 1000% increase!

Phil Weaver, Sidmouth’s resident Cut Throat barber on Church Street enjoyed a number of years on the Festival circuit before tuning into his own barber shop, a stone’s throw from The Esplanade and the beach!

This year he is hosting Sidmouth Folk Festival’s BEARD Competition #SidFestBEARD with the aim of celebrating men’s grooming, beards, folk and having a laugh during the summer season. Any excuse for a party! Thank you to Bluebeards Revenge for sponsoring the event and Sidmouth Folk Festival for acknowledging it.

This is a nice idea 😉 James Garret, Marketing Manager, Sidmouth Folk Festival

(Don’t worry there aren’t many!)

Each bearded contender needs to visit “The Barber” on Church Street.

Phil will take your photo and share it via Facebook & Instagram for the readers to Like, Love, Comment & Share to encourage more voting.

Folk don’t need to sit in the chair and have a trim but they’ll obviously want to look their best for the photos… don’t worry, Phil has worked miracles in the past 😉

Phil will give all contenders (while stocks last) a vile of his special beard potion / oil for them to massage into their beards, leaving some longer lasting Sidmouth Cut Throat Shaving Magic to put in their grooming bag which they can always top up online!

Voting closes at 12pm on Friday 11th August and the winner will be announced at 1pm to allow an afternoon of celebrations to commence…

The winner will get £100 worth of Bluebeards Revenge male grooming goodies … hurrah!

Please share this story far and wide so Devon’s bearded contingent is aware they could be a winner this summer…

If your bearded friend isn’t online or you’d like a poster to put up then click image to download the PDF

sidmouth folk festival beard competition 2017

Sidmouth Folk Festival BEARD Competition 2017

Thank you.


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