exeter city futures colab event

Does this get your motor running?

Love hearing about people trying to solve near impossible problems? Well then you need to rock up to Exeter City Futures next event coming to a venue near you soon…

Wednesday evening they ran one of their “Exeter City Futures Connect Events” at CoLab on King William Street.

An appropriate venue, talking to Lydia who is the “Welcome Team Leader”, the venue hosts companies that are generally looking after those who struggle to look after themselves for a whole bunch of reasons… mirror that back for a minute!

The overall theme of the evening “make the region congestion free and energy independent by 2025”. As a general population we struggle to see beyond our own needs for travel and so changing the mindset of Exeter folk into thinking about what is best for the community at large is a huge ask.

The minds of those coming in from “the smoke” AKA London where the noise, pollution and congestion are all just part of day to day life should be easier because for many, that will be the reason they have moved down to Devon in the first place.

The fact that its arteries are now getting blocked should be a concern as a more negative, self serving energy wave follows that mirrors London’s eco system.

Enough of that… to the evening… what a great event… 7 speakers all gave of themselves and shared their vision for a better tomorrow.

Peter Cleasby got the party started with a talk entitled “Better use of land and help reduce energy use” sharing his thoughts on how closing living potential means less fuel… he know his eggs judging by his LinkedIn profile!

Eric Lybeck took a deep dive on more joined up University living with “What is Civic Sociology?” showing some pics of Edinburgh which brought back memories of my time in bonnie Scotland.

Neil Brown of Simply Connect shared “Transport for the low-carbon digital economy” and implied they had come up with a solution without showing us any meat on the bones. No real engagement on Twitter with link to website and subsequent link to a SEEDRS fundraiser offering 8% for £200,000 having raised £12,210 and showing a base in Scotland.

Not sure how environmentally friendly it is to drive from Inverness, a 1200 mile round trip to do a 5 min pitch? I guess if he was in town anyway then that’s cool…

Top tip for Neil would be ensure you have 25 – 30% of your investment lined up to go when running a crowd funding campaign as you need that level of energy to encourage others to stick their hand in their pocket… lower than that and it all tends to go pear.

Nick Bromley “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Quote: Albert Einstein gave an entertaining spot…


Giles Booth got us thinking about using other arteries, our blue blood – Exeter greatest assets: The River Exe and Ship Canal … had us all canoeing up the Exe… not sure I’d want to do that in the winter months!

Olly Frankland “flu” in and showed us a few examples of how his firm had helped save energy “A smart and flexible energy system” and he saves more by not using Twitter so I can’t quote him but will have to put the light on this firm… just one candle mind!

Last but not least Francis Clark gave us 5 mins on his Exeter Forest project which needs more that a candle.. some of Harry’s heat above would do just nicely to carbonise his content…

Truly a man of the earth…

Gifted and talented…

He’s got a local idea of making charcoal from local woodland to benefit local folk and when he’s ready I’d be happy to turn up the heat for him via my communication channels…

After the presentations we had half an hour’s networking over some healthy nibbles and got to meet some very interesting folk.

Thank you all for being most welcoming and as one chap said, “This event nearer the city of London would have folk looking to get one over on each other but in this setting was a joy.”

See you next time…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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