Thank you Julie Hawker

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Julie Hawker of Cosmic, a social enterprise that lives up to its values.

I’ve not had a formal interview for many moons but when I read about Cosmic’s approach to business and noted they had an opening for a chap just like me, I had to apply.


Front and centre on their website under “About” it says…

Our values

We have five main values, and these are the things we aim to be every single day.

• Inspirational
• Ethical
• Friendly
• Supportive
• Innovative

All three interviewers were very friendly Julie, Kate Doodson and Paul Turner took me on a journey, asking insightful questions to determine my suitability for the role.

On one question about highs and lows in business I initially froze… don’t you hate that! But Julie didn’t just sit and stare as some CEO’s might, she alleviated the pain by giving more clarity and allowing me time to gather my thoughts and share a few examples that were freed up due to her kindness.

Very inspirational and I thank you for enabling me to walk away feeling like I’d given a good account of myself rather than the negative beating I could have delivered in post interview analysis.

Sadly the job wasn’t to be mine on this occasion but you just never know what is round the corner and I’m sure we’ll be teaming up on a project sometime soon.

When I asked Julie, which was her favourite Award? It had to be the “Winner Women in Social Enterprise Award”. The Social Enterprise website kindly let me download the picture above to use as part of this story.

Thank you.


P.S. I always sign off my emails with thank you because of this interview with Dr Emoto

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