Taxi firms need to Win Contracts

Ian Smith and his team at Winning Tenders are helping taxi operators across the UK to win tenders with local authorities and NHS trusts.

Tender success rates for many businesses are below 30%. Which means an awful lot of overhead cost pursuing opportunities that don’t materialise. Here are some common reasons why bids are unsuccessful when they could have resulted in a contract win.

Winning Tenders can increase that WIN rate to over 75%!

Their shared risk pricing model means they are always going to do their best to land each and every tender that you put their way.

Do tenders make your stomach turn in knots like Nick?

Have you ever looked at an official tender process and started to cry? Ian at Winning Tenders took all the stress away with one calming phone call. He saved me from anger management classes and my business partner from a breakdown.
He was patient, understanding and above all knowledgeable about the process we had to go through. Ian dealt with all the questions that were thrown at us and has continued to do so since the initial process was completed.
Grafters won the contract and this would have been very difficult without Winning Tenders’ expertise. I would recommend Winning Tenders to anyone that asked my advice.

Winning Tenders are helping taxi companies around the country to win lucrative contracts with local authorities and NHS trusts.

The General Manager of London taxi firm 247 Airport Transfer says:

Ian at Winning Tenders is an excellent support to my company and in the last year he has won for us two contracts with Local Authorities and one with an NHS Trust. He has exceptional experience in his field and has a real talent for dealing with new contracts.
Ian is brilliant at working to tight deadlines and his calm professional manner has made him a real pleasure to work with.
Ionel Tanasa General Manager ATCL- http://www.247airporttransfer.co.uk – 247coachhire.com


Ian Smith’s calm, knowledgeable approach can be identified in this video… one of a series he made to help you understand the procurement process and how to make it work for you.

Would you like to have a conversation with one of the Winning Tenders team? Just complete the form below and they will be in touch shortly.

Thank you.


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