I thought the Friday morning session I attended was excellent…

Getting people of different views and persuasions around the table is, in many ways, superior to simply filling in surveys and questionnaires in isolation. It allows ideas to be bounced around and their strengths and weaknesses identified more readily.

“The presentations and workshop leadership by both consultancy groups and by the neighbourhood plan team were first rate. Well done Deirdre and the NP team.
Councillor Jeff Turner”


Could anyone who attended last Friday’s meeting at Kennaway House please add their own comment below to help us generate enthusiasm for completing the 2nd public survey which is currently being prepared and will be sent out in a matter of weeks.

In the perfect world we’d like 2,000 people to share their views… this will take some doing, so all the help we can get in making this happen will be appreciated… half a dozen comments below will boost things on their way.

Thank you


2 thoughts on “I thought the Friday morning session I attended was excellent…

  1. Since the focus group I’ve had some really positive feedback from some who were there about the value of the day and the work of the NP. My main takeaway from the comments is that we are really starting to make people think about such a wide range of community issues. Some came expecting to be given potential solutions from which to choose, and found it refreshing to asked questions instead to give their own views.

    I thought the buzz in the room throughout the day showed that the community is really getting behind the Neighbourhood Plan. Once we have the independent report on the output from our consultants, Creating Excellence, we’ll be well place to starting work on considering how to create the Second Household Survey which should be released towards the end of March.


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