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Need help producing fresh new web content for 2017?


So you launched your new website 3 years ago and it’s still featuring the 2 blogs you had produced at the time?

Don’t worry, so many sites I look at tell the same story, you’re not alone but you should try harder…

You could shoot some video onto an iPad right?

If you can’t then a family member or one of your team could get in the zone right?

new kid sid

All you then need to do is scribble a few words that make sense and have a dash of humour, an abundance of meaty content and a flash of sheer brilliance… 10 minutes right!

marco pierre white ali and jon davey

You’ve got some photos of the team or you in action that you could throw in the mix? Within the hour you’ve got yourself a new story to push out to the world.

So why the flipping heck are we still looking at stories from 2013?

Went looking for something I’d created in 2013 and found this Swan Upping video from Windsor.

Get it sorted or give me a nudge 07717 820823 text, call or fill in the form…

Take a look at what I’ve been doing for Phil Weaver, the barber on Church Street >>> let’s ask him what he thinks of the process…

Thank you.


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