Happy New Year – Are you ready for 2017?

What Sales & Marketing plans do you have for 2017?

Just read an interesting post by one of my contacts on LinkedIn… they’re making changes so you’d best go do as he suggests… only take you 5 mins… great start to 2017.

I comment and shared his advice on LinkedIn and he replied “HNY to you too Jon and I hope that the sunny south coast Riviera is treating you well! 🙂 ” He moved to Norfolk as we moved to Devon, so wanted to share with him the sun shining on my new desk… how to do that? Can’t do it on LinkedIn… I know, write a quick blog on EX10!

We moved into town at the end of June while I was working on a Eloqua Marketing Automation project for Reed Exhibitions and so that took up most of my time until October.

Early November I put this website together for Phil Weaver of Cut Throat Shaving and we plan on sharing more of his shaving tips in 2017.

I use the above examples to demonstrate I’m happy talking to / working with companies of all sizes about sales & marketing opportunities… so if you are thinking of or need help with creating / implementing a sales & marketing plan for 2017 then I’m only an email / phone call away…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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