The ever changing nature of life along the river bank

When Ali told me a tree was down along The Byes I wasn’t expecting to see this magnificent specimen laid out in front of me…


I’d only tweeted out 20 mins before, further up the river, about the roots of another tree being exposed, the soil washed away by the flood a couple of weeks ago… quite possibly there is a logical link to this but then again, it could just be time for the tree to take on its next role, fuel for local wood burners.

At the end of the River Sid this week I saw a truck depositing more stones for the beach… it’ll be interesting to see how long they remain there… the stones move from beach to beach and it would seem out to sea and then back on shore again… the height can vary dramatically week to week… I’ll take a photo next week, see what it looks like…


I always stop to read the notice board, looking out for something new…


I’m hoping to do a story this week about last week’s meeting about The Knowle… thank goodness for Independent candidates keeping an eye on what’s what… if this was Windsor (my old town) then it would have been a done deal months ago!


And it would be interesting to know how these guys can help people find projects they want to help with.


On my way to Mocha for a brew with the dogs there were a number of buskers doing their thing… this chap was bring attention to the farmers market at Kennaway House as his wife was selling her wares there…

Main reason for popping into town was to see Phil and see how his late night shopping had gone on Thursday… he was busy when I called but said they’d been asking about who had done his most amazing website so I figured I’d pop over and say hello…


Spoke to Louise who tells me she’s opening everyday from now till Christmas… so if you need a scarf, bobble hat or a whole host of useful stocking fillers, get over to Libra Court on a day that suits you… tune into her Facebook page…


Back home after our 5+ mile round trip and the pooches are ready for a snooze…


Love walking into town on a Saturday with the dogs and chatting to a few folk along the way… especially after I’d invented a new beverage on Friday night… ladies and gents, meet Chamraz 😉


Happy Christmas…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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