Does Santa work at Sidmouth Waitrose during the other 364 days of the year?

Tuesday I saw Santa on his sleigh down Newlands Road… thanks to The Lions Club 😉


Monday night I was at Sid Valley Rotary Club and we were talking about what a great job our fellow Rotarians from Ottery are doing at Sidmouth Garden Centre.


I popped up this evening to see if Santa was in his grotto but sadly he was off feeding his reindeer… check opening hours… they do need feeding up this time of year ready for a world tour Christmas Eve 😉


I think I may have stumbled across what Santa does the rest of the year…


On my way to the garden centre I called into Waitrose as my wife had altered me to a 20% off our favourite tipple offer… sadly, because there is a huge demand for (not telling you) so HO are keeping Sidmouth on a single case each delivery… BONKERS… do they not know I’ve moved from Berkshire to Devon!

Then Santa materialised in the form of Keith… he said “We have none at the moment, expecting some on the next delivery… BUT I CAN ORDER YOU SOME SIR!

There you have it… proof that Santa has a day job and he’s fuelling our very Merry Christmas with 2 cases of the finest…


Sadly he’d headed off already… that was quick… but I did get a pic of the team on the front desk… bit wobbly but then they are smiley and it sets the right tone for Crimbo 😉

Happy Christmas Everyone, god bless Santa and god bless Waitrose 20% offer!

Thank you


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