Do you believe the Children are the future?

At the start of December the children of the Sid Valley will have their say and share their ideas by completing a survey that has been designed by an advisory group of 7 to 18 year olds drawn from each of the four Sid Valley schools.


They will be bringing home information about this including some vouchers for your family.

It is very important that their views are taken into consideration when bringing together The Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan which will influence how the Sid Valley is developed over the next 15 years or so.

  • Do they want a helipad for their drones?
  • A multi-purpose gaming shed along The Esplanade?
  • Or to keep things just as they are?
  • What do they think will be important to them as adults?
  • What ideas do they have that adults won’t think of?


Capturing their views today for their brighter tomorrow is vital.

The information will be in their bag… it’s nice a bright orange for the school Years 1 to 6 and green and blue for the 11 to 18 year olds and has some vouchers on the back page so don’t go buying your Christmas tree before you’ve seen the form!

This is the third stage in the process… the views of the population were gathered in the spring, businesses had their say in the summer and now it’s the turn of our kids before all the feedback is summarised in one final local population survey next spring…we will need your views for that one.

Find out more on the council website…

Thank you.

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