What is most significant about #StandingRock ?

The most significant thing about the Sioux nation gathering at Standing Rock is the 15 seconds of news coverage it is getting against 150+ seconds for “X Factor” or “I’m a Celebrity”

We are so wrapped up in our bullshit world of “more, More, MORE” that many will think it “quaint” that the Sioux nation is standing up to the corporations dream of gushing oil… $$$… but what can they do to help?

Share with your network on social media, that’s what because the promise of advertising revenues are preventing the traditional media from publishing stories… thank the Lord for social media and it’s accessibility… the smoke signals are being seen across the globe!

It will be interesting to see the numbers crunched on social media minutes of coverage against traditional media… anyone?

Take a look at these stories, this twitter stream and these videos…

Today was my son’s 17th birthday (obviously couldn’t use pic of him… so added some footage I did earlier of someone you may know!) and while taking a healthy walk along the Byes into Sidmouth and a stroll along the beach, I was surrounded by water… the River Sid in full flow and the The Channel was fairly angry, sending in the sea horses!

It got me thinking and I ended up shooting 3 videos, all having the same message in my head but naturally coming out differently… let’s see what we’ve got!

My gift to my son was driving lessons, who doesn’t desire the freedom of the open road at any age… and while he’s excited, as I once was, to be starting on that journey, after being a rep for many years I tend to be mileaged out! I much prefer a 3 hour walk to a 3 minute car drive… so we’ll balance each other out in the carbon stakes as we move forward.

I find it sad that most people don’t have the passion of the Sioux… the world would be a much better place if our focus was on peace rather than war… but then war offers billions of dollars in guns and ammunition… where as peace offers jack all in the money stakes…

WE allow the corporations to rule the roost… and they, through lobbying aka bribing governments, get their own way… using the local police to enforce their position while those with honest intent and community spirit are pushed to the brink and only those with an inner steel, a core of universal power will actually remain standing… most will say a few words of support and then head home for the comfort of their arm chair and bottle of their favourite tipple rather than standing up for what they know is right!

I do hope I’ll be standing firm if some tossers come over to my neck of the woods and start demanding access to resources that should be left firmly in the ground…

Google: How much of Germany’s energy is renewable?
Roughly 27 percent of Germany’s electricity is from renewables; the goal is at least 80 percent by 2050. On July 25, 2015, it was very windy in the north and sunny in the south. For a few hours renewables yielded about three-quarters of Germany’s electricity.

Why are we not making the most of our natural energy resources like the Germans… we so could… why do we keep voting in these people of questionable motive… is it because we want to eat all the pies ourselves and sod the consequences for our children’s children? We essentially admire their greed and ability to pull the wool! Is that it?

I sign my all my blogs and emails off with “Thank you” because of the work of a chap called Dr Emoto… watch his videos below, especially the bit about his rice experiment… brilliant…

That’s covered a bunch of different topics flying around my head but they all distil down to respecting water and all who are made of it 😉

Thank you.


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