Boosting virtual engagement, creating real time footfall … just maybe!

The proof of the pudding will be in the eating tomorrow when we know the impact of this afternoon’s activity…

Yesterday afternoon we pushed out this story for Phil the Cut Throat Barber on Church Street and then shared it on a couple of Facebook groups… a dozen folk wandered in and a similar number have clicked through to read more today 😉

We’ve just laid the foundation of his new website and with the Chamber of Commerce Christmas Shopping night tonight, seemed like too good an opportunity not to miss… giving his business an extra boost via Twitter.

With people young and old venturing into town it made sense to see if we could sell some of his Christmas Vouchers at “Cut Throat Prices” (just made that up but that could be a follow up Facebook campaign!)

Twitter is on peoples’ phones and the adverts appear in the timeline in real time, clearly described as “Promoted”


I had the ads on low volume for the start of the day but have put up the price we are willing to pay per click as of 4pm and this should result in close to 2,000 ads being presented over the next few hours… people in Sidmouth on Twitter being exposed to 1 of 3 ads during the evening… 2 above and 1 similar to tweet at top of page…


Shops close at 8pm so we’ll know by 1 minute past if this engagement has had any direct impact… indirect impact will float in over the next few weeks…

Fingers crossed…

Do share with your hairy mates 😉

Thank you.


UPDATE: Here are the stats… I turned off the pipe when we hit 5000 views at around 10pm


Web stats showed 9 coming in from Twitter and I have asked a couple of “likers” to qualify where they were (geography wise) when they viewed the ad… will update as they feedback.

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