Video shoot followed by walk by the Sid

This is what I bought into when we moved down from Windsor at the start of the summer… quality of life…

Monday morning started with a video shoot at Phil’s place, talking shaving brushes… people like to deal with people so having natural videos on your website really helps people who don’t know you to connect… we got this in the can and then I called Ali who brought the dogs into town, on her way to meet a friend for coffee…

The dogs and I took a stroll up the Byes and along the river bank on the way back home… I just love the sound of running water and watching the dogs walking about from this vantage point had a feel of an old Tarzan movie… in my head anyway 😉

Back to the office, couple of hours on a London based project and then it was time for Sid Valley Rotary and the Presidents night… good time had by all.

Thank you.


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