Digital Exeter Meetup… join & make the next one…

Last night I got along to my first Digital Exeter Meet Up Event and was made to feel very welcome.

If you’re in the digital space or want to be, then make sure you get along to the next event, join the Digital Exeter Meetup Group to find out when that is.

Last night there were four keynotes of around 20 minutes each followed by networking… never ceases to amaze me how many folk just wander off after the presentations… that’s not how you get to know people!


You need to just stick around, especially if you are a techie geek with a brain the size of a small planet who prefers a darkened room… someone will say hi and they are more than likely to connect you to someone they know who would find your skills useful… so next time, take a breath and just hang, you don’t have to make the first approach 😉

First up was Laurence Oakes-Ash, ACMA of Exeter City Futures who made a big impression, talking about the number of heart beats we have and relating this to our body mass with the implication that an elephant lives longer than a hamster because it’s like way calmer but also BIG… I can see the McD ad now! A man of significant financial experience judging by his LI profile… need to interview him for a feature me thinks…

He was followed and many would say out shone by Tom Moore from Stephens Scown Solicitors who smashed it with a talk on IP… such a typically boring topic was brought to life by Tom’s sense of humour and legal understanding which ensured plenty of questions from the audience post Brexit 😉

Collette Easton, had two great acts to followed but rather than talking BIG numbers (Lawrence with heart beats, Tom with potential European fines of £20,000,000!) she simply swept their talks away by demonstration those that can do… she’s exited a couple of businesses successfully and had the handbag to prove it… so when she started talking about her latest marque the Molecule Agency we were all keen to hear what she had to say…

Last but not least Tony Harbron, Marketing Director at Ashwoods Lightfoot got us thinking how we might save a few quid on our insurance while enhancing our driving experience and probably slowing our heart beat down a touch so we live a little longer… should have asked if it blocks your reg from those pesky mobile speed cameras… that would boost sales me thinks 😉

I’m loving the variety of ways these guys are engaging with social media to create some noise… follow them on Twitter to find out what’s next for this nifty little gadget…

What a great bunch of speakers, each holding their own and making for a most interesting evening… well done the team at Exeter Digital Meetup for arranging this for the digital community.

Next up was networking which for me lasted 90 minutes and being the last man standing with Richard Vout (who needs to turn on his profile link on LI… unless of course he’s applying one of Tom’s new data protection policies!)

I spoke to a dozen or more people and only one had a card… or was it just me 😉

Thank you to everyone for making the evening a most enjoyable one… see you next time…


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