Help Celebrities get your Tweets steaming ahead this Christmas

On Saturday we enjoyed the Christmas lights being switched on in Sidmouth by Jo Pavey, 5x Olympian

She was in town to turn on the lights and sign a few books at Winstone’s… they may still have some spare signed copies if you’re quick! (That’s how I got my signed copy of Parky’s book the other year!)


I captured some video of the lights being switched on and that evening, watching X Factor, I tweeted it out mentioning @JoPavey and she shared it on… the results were amazing… or was it the magic of the steam traction engine… best ask Santa 😉

The tweet above had 382 impressions, 1067 media views (assume that means the video) and 821 total engagements… the report also shows media tweets as 79, which I have to assume means re-tweets… while the tweet below which pushed out a story about my pal Ashley’s band Beautiful Blue Mac who were the warm up act has had just 50 impressions and 2 total engagements while being pinned to the top of my tweets all week!

Just shows what can happen to your tweet when someone in the public eye who has over 44,000 followers RTs your stuff… just imagine what would happen if one of those 1,000,000 plus celebs gave your story a push 😉

Have you got a story around others sharing your story to share… comment below… happy Christmas tweeting…

Thank you.


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