Dog walkers need to buck up their ideas or face a BAN!

Last week I took the dogs for a walk along The Esplanade and The Ham and saw this gift to the Life Boat!

sid max EX10 sidmouth right hook

Sid (pup) will poop anywhere but Max much prefers a piece of grass… but I always watch them and 99% pick up after them.

I read this story in The Herald last week and being an ex football coach, teaching my lad and his mates from 6 to 9 before I passed the baton to someone who didn’t have two left feet! I was more inspirational than skills based…

BUT I recall having to pick up poop before matches and if it’s been a big dog that’s been eating tined slop and its rained the night before… you need a shovel rather than a nappy bag!

There is no excuse for not watching your dog off the lead especially if the main purpose of your walk is to let your pooch do its business… and YOU MUST PICK IT UP or you will ruin the open policy that is currently in place… don’t be so bloody selfish…

Thank you.


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