Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce breakfast at Kingswood and Devoran Hotel

The morning began with the Chambers rendition of the new US National Anthem!

A new dawn over Sidmouth as the world awoke to a new President of the USA Mr… arise President Donald Trump… interesting times… people are board of the same old same old and need inspiration… what they need is to hear Vic Williams give an address to their business network… great start to the day… from Vic… not sure about Nelly!


Mel Gater, Chairman of Sidmouth Chamber announced the Christmas Shopping evening, Friday 2nd December, when the shops will be open until 8pm and smoothly passed over to Phil Weaver who shared that on consulting local independent retailers, many will continue to be open on Thursday evenings during December following the main event, on the run up to Christmas.


Every cloud has a silver lining… the Sidmouth Chamber breakfast is a great way for local business owners to get to know each other and share ideas for improving the commerce of the area… if you’re a small business owner in EX10 Sid Valley then you should pop along and enjoy a full English… liaise with Sylvia Brownlee… ask for the Brexit special 😉

See you there…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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