101 Reasons for the Sid Valley business community to be proud of itself!

Latest news from Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan HQ is that 101 business surveys were completed which means that around 22% of local businesses contacted took the time to have their say… well done…

Earlier in the year the local population were asked for their views in a householder survey and 10% of residents responded… these are great figures and once the key findings are developed into a plan which an inspector appointed by EDDC has approved, the public will have an opportunity to vote in a referendum to decide if the plan should be brought into force. Then local councillors will have the opportunity to use it as a reference document when spending the CIL money developers give to the Sid Valley, and the plan will influence the type and nature of future development.

This is why it is important that everyone has their say… you’ll get another chance in the spring… in the meantime young people will soon be given the chance to have their say in the “Sid Valley Children and Young People’s Survey”.

A follow up meeting with young people is being held next week at Sidmouth Town Council to finalise the questions and formats for the different age groups and it will then be published and opinions sought.

The plan is looking forward for the next 15 years and so it is very important that everyone is consulted and their thoughts and opinions given equal measure when presenting the final draft.

Find out more on the Sidmouth Town Council website >>>

Thank you.


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