Indonesian Summer Stroll around Sidmouth

On the day the government accepts that it has been doing very little to reduce pollution hot spots… were they using the VW lab reports? Found guilty of breaching European law for the 2nd time in as many years…

Are they using the same lawyer’s as Sir Philip Green? Too many questions to be answered and one of the reasons we moved to Sidmouth… much cleaner air…

In Sidmouth we enjoyed a cloudless sky and November temperatures those in the north can only dream about. When I was a kid September sun was known as an Indian summer… now we’re enjoying these temperatures in November what’s that called? Well Indonesia is a little further round and so why the heck not 😉


My stroll started around 9:30am when I pulled into Russell Street car park and was greeted by a sign of the times… next time it’ll be 10:01am when I land!

The mission today was to talk to the retailers about and see how it resonated with them… and I have to say I was very encouraged by their response…


The “shape / catch” of EX10 will be defined by the market and the tides… what are people willing to pay for? Will it be for me to produce specific pages for EX10 or will it be the result of business owners paying me for other online marketing services that sees them published in EX10 by way of a thank you?

My business life has taught me to not assume anything as everyone sees things in different ways and has their own set of business needs that they are willing to pay for… if they have a modicum of skill in an area then they are likely to choose to do that on a rainy day and avoid paying someone else a fee… so that probably means it ends up on the “manana” list… possibly for years!


I love the Sidmouth vibe with public notice boards around the town sharing information with all who care to read them. My mission to compliment this information channel with content and news that can be shared / found online.

And with most of the retailers being independent, although it does have its fair share of national retailers and charity shops… the nationals showing it is not necessarily a typical sleepy seaside town as there are still plenty of people out and about during the winter.


We only landed in town at the end of June so it’s going to take some time to throw away the city vibe in favour of the new found mental freedom… but we still have a mortgage and need to generate a revenue to pay our way… although massively less than in our previous life, thankfully!

Getting out and talking to people is the only way you have to “test the temperature” and work out how best to proceed and it has to be said 90% of the people I have been talking to have been very friendly and welcoming and as they see examples of my work it will allow them to determine if they need some of what I’ve got…

chloe-and-charlie-meeting-santa-claus-laplandI hear that December will not just have one special late night shopping with Santa on Friday 2nd December but there are plans for many of the retailers to open every Thursday evening during December to maximise the opportunity for those that have to work during the day and might not have Christmas on their radar on the 2nd, probably Thursday 22nd December making much more sense to many, including myself 😉

If you’d like to know more about what I could do for your business then let’s talk in real time and discuss over a nice cup of tea.

Thank you.

07717 820823

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