Devon Chamber of Commerce Networking Lunch

This Monday morning started with me following up on last week’s networking events and then off to Woodbury Park Hotel & Golf Club for a Devon Chamber of Commerce Networking Lunch at 12pm.

80 local business people booked in for lunch… time to meet some new people, say hi to those I’ve recently met and one I’ve known for years, Ian Smith of Winning Tenders who got a mention last week, following him down a couple of years after he headed south from Berkshire.

I was on table 4, headed up by Chris Menlove-Platt in his role as a Director of Devon Chamber, whose first career had been in the Royal Navy, leaving as a Commander… now an NLP trainer, he loves nothing more than helping people make the most of themselves.

Next to him was a beacon of light in the form of Shirley-Anne Fison who is looking to get Veterans Change Partnership charity status and raise £200,000 to help ex soldiers find their feet after a tour of duty which may have left them finding it difficult to re-engage with “normal life”. You can help…


By buying 5 of their Christmas cards all the money (less ebay fees) will be going to add to the £25,000 already raised. Have you got your Christmas cards yet? How many do you need >>>

Chaz Lawrence was seated to my left… in the energy space, IU Energy look after those with hefty energy bills and can save you a few thousand pounds a year which you can invest elsewhere.

Need Moor Training? Speak to Andy Pollard if you’re interested in “Plumbing & Gas” Apprenticeships or a career change into the “Health & Social Care” arena.

Kim Glover blends helping a partner in a legal firm with being the founder of Exeter PA Network… so if you are a PA looking for some friendly faces to share your thoughts with or to learn some new skills then you’d best give Kim a nudge.

Nathan Yendle has also just landed from the big city, offering full marketing agency services under the Priority Pixels brand.

Elaine Saunders had us all a buzz with her mobile marketing services… the coupon angle to this makes particular sense to me, rewarding customers who invariably will be carry a mobile!

Jerry Barnes, partner at Hoare LEA is working on ways on keeping our England team all nice a cool at the Qatar2022… you’ll have to ask him how 😉

Jane McNamara finished the circle with a spin of the wheel from Crème de la Crème fun casinos…

Andrew Holland wasn’t on the table but did give a short presentation on the Effectus coaching & development.

This is a rather whistle stop tour of my table and with another 6 to network with, it might take me some time to get to speak to everyone else but I wanted to get this story scribbled before the day was over!

Thank you Devon Chamber of Commerce for a great networking lunch. See you at another down the road…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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