A Warm Welcome from EX10 Business Networks

This week I attended 4 networking events in as many days and received a very warm welcome on all occasions.

Originally from Yorkshire, when I moved to Windsor 20 years ago they thought me mad to be saying hello to folk as I passed them in the street… who is this nutter was the vibe!

Sidmouth and the East Devon area have made me feel very much at home with their warm welcome, this my first week out networking locally… thank you.

Monday evening I attended the Sid Valley Rotary meeting at The Blue Ball Inn. I like Rotarians because they are givers by nature. Looking for ways they can help their local community without the need for any big round of applause! I joined 20+ Rotarians for a fish dinner and learned what they are getting up to. Black tie Christmas dinner at The Harbour Hotel, that sounds like fun… and then the Rugby Dinner in Feb… happy days 😉

Tuesday morning it was time for an early session with Business at Breakfast out at the Donkey Sanctuary so I could finally see where all that 4am eeyore was coming from… not that the odd donkey noise anyway competes with an Airbus landing at Heathrow! Nice bunch, all helping each other grow their various businesses… great full breakfast too 😉

Wednesday lunch it was time for Sidmouth Rotary lunch club at The Riviera Hotel, a swanky hotel on the sea front. Again, great bunch of folk who get involved with raising money for local charities while having a jolly good time…

Thursday it was Exmouth Means Business at Exmouth Community College, organised by Exmouth Chamber. As well as some of my new business associates there were a couple of blasts from the past in the house. Ian Smith of Winning Tenders who moved down from Buckinghamshire a couple of years back and Peter Preston of Fresh Results who followed / preceded around the same time!

After years trying to get lift off around Berkshire, Ian is now employing others full time… let’s hope some of that magic rubs off on yours truly.

Today I’ve been thinking through the conversations I’ve been having this week and formulating a strategy for EX10… thank you to all who have engaged and been so welcoming this week… let’s get this new show on the road…

Thank you.

07717 820823

P.S. Pictures are from my previous life… Gavin Bains at Reading Business Expo and a Windsor & Eton Rotary event at The Guildhall (where me and the Mrs got married!)

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