Are you telling others your story…

Or do you prefer keeping your business the best kept secret?

Ever since I’ve been scribbling content for my websites I come across people who are extremely gifted at what they do but don’t think to scribble a few words and add a page or two to their website about their latest projects.

Mostly, in my experience, this is due to them not wanting to exposure their lack of eloquence with the written word. But why should they be a great or even average writer, that’s not their bag.

So why not pay someone else to write a few words…

  • The original pain point for their customer can be discussed with the customer to get the first paragraph.
  • They can then speak their words to say how they went about solving the problem for the second paragraph.
  • And this can be nicely finished off by how the client feels post the solution being found.

Doesn’t take too much time to bring this together but the value of this story and a few others over time could be the difference between landing or not landing the next deal?

Worth asking someone who understands the power of the written word and is pretty handy with all this new fangled web stuff if they could help… there’s a new kid in town, well almost (a kid)…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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