3+ reasons to start a Monthly E-Newsletter

Firstly, because you probably haven’t got enough to say in a weekly e-newsletter 😉

The reality is that most peoples’ lack of ego or inability to craft words comfortably are probably the main two reasons why small businesses don’t put together regular email newsletters… well they would say that if I did a survey where the 3rd option was “Too many stories to tell!”

But talking to someone like me who can listen to what you are saying and turn it into a story or two would make good business sense.

I’ve been pushing out regular newsletters since 20th February 2002… well a little before that but on that day 2002 2002 I sent out the first of what I called “Business in Berkshire Newsletters” from Windsor which grew into a twice weekly then daily e-newsletter (daily proved a little intense) and led to the development of a website which in 2008 had around 5,000,000 page views!

Business people enjoyed getting the emails as there would be information on local business networking and also company stories combined with some fun tales. They could scan say 10 stories and click on 1 or 2 that were relevant to them.

Today people don’t have time to scan too many links but give them 3 to choose from in a monthly newsletter. Starting with a story of how your business has helped another. Follow this with an article about one of the team to create a stronger connection and finish off with a light weight element to make them smile… in this way you’re giving them something nicely rounded which they will look forward to receiving and even if they can’t read it in real time they will search their inbox later to catch up.

The newsletter reminds your readers that you exist and creates an ever stronger bond with those who take the time to read it… even if they only read 1 in 3 of the e-newsletters you send out.

It provides a media that people can share with others. There memory is jogged by something they read and so forward your email to their friend to whom it might be relevant… without the newsletter this wouldn’t have happened.

Moving to Sidmouth I can feel my love for stories being rekindled and so I think I’ll turn my current newsletter, which goes to over 4,000 people, into a regular feed which can start focusing on local events and business news stories with a little seaside humour to sign off…

This way any blog will be read by a new audience and could lead to opportunities for those featured!

You’d best sign up and see if you like what I’m doing… then perhaps I could help you put your own e-newsletter together on a regular basis?

I think I’ll push these out on a Saturday morning, feels like a good time for readers to digest properly.

Thank you.


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