Social Media is conversation, not the magical 42!

42 being the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” 😉 People think that social media will suddenly deliver thousands of customers within the blink of an eye…

The reality is that if your customer base is not into social, or not into social for the topic you offer, then it is unlikely to generate huge interest… so set realistic expectations for your own sanity.

Social media is just another marketing tool… when you see it as this rather than some panacea to your trillion pound questions for business success, then you’ll start getting on the right track.

Try too hard or buy followers and it will all go horribly wrong because the viewers will see you for what you are… a short cut artists… there are none.

Start being real, start being you, offer up links to things you like by all means but not every minute of every day to anything that remotely relates to your subject matter… that will be seen for what it is… a load of old tut and they’ll not follow you.

And if what you are talking about “business” then the chances are that it’s pretty dull and so you’ll definitely not get followers.

Make it interesting… add a few grey cells and add your opinion on a topic… it doesn’t have to be War & Peace… a sentence or two will do the job, ideally alongside a great graphic and if you’ve got the mental agility stick a thought on it that will ring a bell in the minds of others 😉


Thank you.


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