Sid Valley Neighbourhood Plan means business

Businesses and special interest groups from up and down the Sid Valley are invited to share their opinions on what they’d like to see happening in their neighbourhood.

Your opinions matter and have real importance – it’s an opportunity to help us to develop a Neighbourhood Plan that the people of Sidmouth and the Sid Valley own and to help the council better understand the needs of local businesses.


What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A community-led planning document that will influence development in your area over the next 15 or so years.

  • Gives community a voice in decision making.
  • Once adopted, the policies become part of the Development Plan (hold legal weight in decisions).
  • Local Plan covers the District, a Neighbourhood Plan covers a specific neighbourhood.
  • 25% CIL money for adopted plans for Town Council to spend locally.

A Neighbourhood Plan cannot be used to stop growth but it can direct and shape development. Neighbourhood Plan cannot propose lower levels of growth than that in the Local Plan. A Neighbourhood Plan can identify community priorities. e.g. Cycle paths, promoting transport needs, protect heritage sites etc.


Neighbourhood Plan Survey of Business & Special Interest Groups

This survey is based on the First Household Questionnaire, the results of which have now been analysed and will be available to view on this website later in September.

Following on from the householder survey we conducted in June and July this year, we now seek the views of businesses, organisations, associations, clubs and special interest groups, so we can ensure we have balanced input to support our research, which will be used to inform the Neighbourhood Plan for Sidmouth and the Sid Valley.

We invite comment and opinion about the current social, commercial and economic environment, and views on a future vision of Sidmouth and the Sid Valley as a dynamic, vibrant place to live and a year-round locale for tourism, culture, the arts, sports and events.

The survey is now available to complete here
and the closing date for responses is Monday 31st October 2016.

Please email if you have any queries regarding the survey or the Neighbourhood Plan.

Find out more >>>

Thank you.


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