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How can young people lose weight in a healthy way?

Jon Borowik will become a father in a few days and ensuring a healthy diet will be foremost in his mind as his baby makes those first awkward steps towards the sweetie cupboard!

Mind you, Jon being the leader of the Wednesday Slimming World Group, probably doesn’t have a sugar cupboard filled with chocky bars and crisps like the rest of us mere mortals…

Not that he was born understanding healthy eating, he has gathered the wisdom over the years… when he was a nipper, youngest of 3 boys, food was the reward for a job well done and being the youngest didn’t mean getting a small portion, equal portions for all was the family way…

ex10 sidmouth slimming world jon borowik wedding

4th January 2012 Jon joined Slimming World weighing in at a not very cool 23 stone 8 pounds! He’d proposed to his wife on Christmas Day and decided he wanted to lose 10 stone before the wedding 😉

And while he’s got close to that target, he’s still on the journey as many of us are… it is way more difficult to stay on the journey than it is to sprint to your target as anyone who has got there will tell you.

By helping young people understand a better way of eating, Jon Borowik hopes to ensure he has fewer potential members in the years to come… illogical captain but hey there has to be some good guys to balance the sugar monsters!

ex10 sidmouth slimming world free 2 go

Free 2 Go is Slimming World’s offer to young people aged 11 – 15 who would like to understand how to eat better, healthier foods without it being boring. Naturally there are rules, this being about young people. Your GP needs to sanction and they must be accompanied by a family member over 18. This way they get to come along to Slimming World meetings for FREE.

While Jon runs group meetings all day on a Wednesday, the 5pm group is perfect for young people and their parents as it is after school / work. They can join the group at Kennaway House and learn together about healthy ways of being able to eat plenty of food while maintaining / losing weight.

ex10 sidmouth green tea

Where else can you enjoy a nice cup of green tea, salted caramel don’t ya know darjeeling 😉

Why not give Jon a call on 07912 665129 and ask him for more information on the Free 2 Go plan.

Or just call him if you are interested in membership in general. Personally I’ve lost over 2 stone through Slimming World and plan to lose plenty more… can’t recommend it highly enough and Jon is a great mentor… supporting you when you slip from time to time but keeping your eyes on the prize!

Thank you.

07717 820823

P.S. Here’s a story about my mate who was Mayor of Windsor during Her Majesty’s Jubilee Year and a nice cup of Yorkshire tea 😉

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