ex10 sidmouth charlie chloe grandad max sid on soldiers hill

Soldiers Hill Sidmouth

Bank Holiday weekend means time to enjoy the finer things in life… a nice walk in the countryside…

ex10 sidmouth soliers hill climbing

I’d been told about Soldier’s Hill by Neil, the chap we bought the house of, and he’d not emphasised the reason it was called that, he simply mentioned it as a walk.

ex10 sidmouth seriously max and sid

So off we went, me and my father-in-law along with the two dogs, to enjoy a nice Sunday walk, up the hill and then head south for the coastal path, taking that into town.

The kids said it was raining and would join us when the sun was out… the sun was out on the Monday so we went for it again 😉 I rested a little less second time around…

Some great views even on a cloudy day with a little moisture in the air… raining! I can tell you about rain my boy…

ex10 sidmouth soldiers hill gentle start

Great woodland…

ex10 sidmouth salcombe hill woods left

ex10 sidmouth salcombe hill woods right

Coastal path…

ex10 sidmouth view of the town

ex10 sidmouth from hill top

“FREE: Nearly new fence, one owner, buyer collects”

ex10 sidmouth bottom of the garden

How was that lads?

ex10 sidmouth max and sid how many

Pint of beatroot juice to finish off the walk… well cider with beatroot to give it that bright orange colour… nice pint at The Swan Inn 😉


Caption competition: What’s going on in the top photo 😉



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