sid max EX10 sidmouth chase me

14 weeks or 14 years what’s the difference in Dog years?

When we were looking to move to Sidmouth my wife and I promised our son a puppy to help him settle into a new town. Sid is around 14 weeks… Max nearer 14 years 😉

Took the lads out today between decorating stints, enjoy the video above and the pics below…

sid max EX10 sidmouth let me whisper

Sid likes to hang of Max’s ears while Max hangs on his every word…

sid max EX10 sidmouth side on

When Sid gets off his ears then this gives Max a chance to turn into a bull and ram him from the side to help Sid understand who is the boss… not that he believes that for one minute!

sid max EX10 sidmouth good set of nashers

Show us your nashers big dog…

sid max EX10 sidmouth dont hurt me

Come on then son, shows us what you’ve got…

sid max EX10 sidmouth four paws

A round house 4 paw style, have that sucker…

sid max EX10 sidmouth high five

When it’s all over there’s always time for a high 5!

sid max EX10 sidmouth fart on you

Or a friendly fart on your mates head 😉

sid max EX10 sidmouth whats that

And friendly fighting can break if there’s something else happening over the other side of the field… what’s that, what’s that…

When Sid first landed Max was not impressed but as every day goes by they are getting more connected and I’m sure Max is getting younger.

This was going to be a story about how dogs and people are very similar in their approach to life at their various ages but for now, just enjoy the pictures, we can talk about that later…

Thank you.


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