sidmouth ex10 beach 6th august

“With Woodchip on the Wall”

Another glorious day in Hevon yesterday 😉 and while Ali & Chloe popped into town for some retail therapy I was left removing woodchip off the wall…

Google tells us that Disco 2000 by Pulp was released in November 1995 but that makes me feel a tad chilly, Common People was May 1995, that’s more summery…

Struggling to write my blog at the minute with everything that is going on but I really must get back to the keyboard and scribble, it’s good for the soul.

We left Windsor on 29th June and if I’ve written 3 stories… I’m working full time on a contract so that means my head is full 9-5 with what needs to be done and there’s no dream time… finish work, walk the dog, eat dinner, catch up on corrie and then I crash, ready for a 6am start to water the puppy while Charlie catches up on his beauty sleep, well he needs it, unlike me & Sid 😉

sid sidmouth ex10 baby sitting

The decorator was suppose to land on Tuesday and get cracking, Monday night I get a call saying he’s damaged his wrist! So what to do? Suggested we could do some prep to help speed him on his way when he eventually gets here…

sidmouth ex10 main bedroom woodchip on the wall

Woodchip strikes the fear of god into any decorator and it was an accidental rip that went more than 1cm, more like 10, that encouraged further exploration… Ali & Chloe approached the new guest room… I say new, it started as Charlie’s bedroom but then Granddad wasn’t keen on being in the cellar so he’s now taking the front rooms, Charlie & Sid are in down in the lower ground with patio doors onto a football pitch by day and a veritable wildlife sanctuary by night with toad, lizards, slugs and things.

sidmouth ex10 stadium of light

Anyway, they got started doing 2/3rds and then I finished off the walls, removed it from the ceiling and then got stuck into the landing… just one section of the new guest room / snug to remove and then onto our bedroom which is wall to wall woodchip… I do hope it’s of the easy removing variety!

sidmouth ex10 lawn cut 7th august

First job was to take the top of the lawn, it’s had 2 weeks of sun and rain so is well long… 9am is a fair time to start, isn’t it? Or shall I wait till 10? Then I can get stuck into that bedroom and feel like I’m doing something practical.

sid max sidmouth ex10 lounge

Turned out Ali and I walked the dogs, then she went off to drop Charlie at work and get Sunday lunch from Lidl while I got that lawn sorted and finished this blog with the assistance of my best friends 😉

I can feel more woodchip coming on before that Sunday roast!

Thank you.


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