Sidmouth meet Berkshire >>>

Morning… while looking after Sid, and him taking a nap, made sense to scribble a quick blog before I get ready for my days graft.

new kid sid

For the last 20 years I live in Windsor and built a strong network across Berkshire with my Business in Berkshire website which in 2007-8 was getting 5 million page views a year!

Seems silly not to make the most of these connections for local business owners who would like to spread their wings further afield…

A couple of years ago I culled the old site because the code was getting old and Google had moved on, I shifted my blogging over to wordpress, you can dive in here The Berkshire Blog and encouraged people to join the Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group to have discussions…

The LinkedIn Group has over 3000 members of which 95% are UK based living in or within spitting distance of Berkshire… from time to time I would have a mad one, let those from Berkshire USA to join but it is very much mostly Berkshire UK.

If your Sidmouth business would benefit from spreading into Berkshire then fill in the form and I’ll put my thinking hat on and work out how I might help… we can then discuss what value that might have to your business and agree a fee structure that works for both of us.

Thank you.


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