new kid sid

Getting used to Devon time…

Got to get this new blog started… didn’t have a kitten pic but say hello to Sid, the new kid on our block!

Wednesday night I hit the sack around 10:30pm and admired the full moon in the clear sky from my bedroom window…

ex10 sidmouth room with

A window which allows me to see best part of 10 miles up and down the valley… could be less but hey it’s a long way!

full moon ex10 sidmouth

Waking around 4 am I watch as the moon, in my sea view window, tracked across the night sky… how cool is that… from my old bed all I could see was the neighbour’s fence… loving the Devon view…

Moving from Windsor to Sidmouth is about changing gear but it’s so difficult altering your ways after decades running at full steam…

full steam ahead ex10

As we start to get a few things in place then we’ll relax more into our new environment… Chloe took this pic just before Sunday lunch 😉

ali and jon davey sidmouth beach

Ali started with a job list a mile long and all to get done in a couple of weeks… the reality is sinking in that it might take a little longer… ce la vie… but I know it’s going to be great… even my father in law can see the future is bright if a little less orange!

sidmouth house sea view

First job, get the house painted… I was going to do it but then a client stepped in to take the space, such a shame, my inner Picasso was getting into gear 😉

ex10 sidmough lounge

Called 20 local decorators, half a dozen called to say they were busy, 3 quoted locally and a pal quoted remotely from Windsor. All quoted fairly and one chap had a team of people and could start in a couple of weeks, excellent… but then has proved very poor at returning my calls… like I need that level of response during the process… sod that, not on Devon time just yet… Gary from Windsor starts a week on Tuesday and will get a bunch of work done before our first visitors land mid August… hurrah…

ex10 sidmouth stair lift

Chloe hated the house to start with and a few weeks in she still can’t really see the bigger picture… everything was in its place in Windsor, she had a finished ensuite room, today she has to wait… she’ll get used to it! As is her modus operandi, first job she went for she gets offered… never not been offered a job she’s gone for, so proud of her for that… a fun summer at Crealy lies ahead >>>

max and sid

Charlie has got a new bezzi, Sid the schnoodle has given him his first sense of responsibility and he’s also landed his first job at Taste of Sidmouth, the finest award winning ice cream in town 😉

Happy days… all he needs now is a stack of A*, As & Bs in next month’s GCSE results!


Ali is making sure we’re all rubbing along just fine being the thorough people balancer she is and when she’s got us all ship shape and Sidmouth fashion she’ll go find herself a few hours of work a week to keep her grey matter, well, less grey 😉

And if it all gets too much, we can always head for the beach…

sidmouth life savers

I’m sure we’ll start slowing down soon and by Christmas we should be well and truly on Devon time… join us on this journey and follow the blog or tune in via Twitter or Facebook

Thank you.


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